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Project Description
Azure Silverlight File Uploader is a Silverlight plug-in that allows users to upload potentially very large files to an Azure Blob Storage.

- Uploads files directly into a Aure Blob Storage
- Click the Silverlight button/icon to upload one or multiple files, or drag'n drop files onto the button/icon
- Support uploads of large files, tested with 4,5 GB with no problems
- All content except for Silverlight button w/icon can be styled in HTML/Javascript
- Easy to hook up JavaScript/JQuery events to make cool progress bars and download progress etc.
- Progressive uploads, which means the user can cancel uploads in progress, etc.
- Uses very little internal memory

The project is a fork of Steve Marx's SlUpload project. In his project all layout is done with Silverlight, while I wanted it done in HTML/JavaScript. I also wanted some extra features like being able to cancel uploads etc.

This is a community project, let me know if you want to contribute to it.

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Inge Henriksen.

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